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ACE is designed to enhance your existing automation system by providing remote control and monitoring capability, text-to-speech, caller id, e-mail, scripting, touchscreen support, web interface, and many other features that your existing automation system may not support. 

ACE is a modular product. Each module is a separate program that provides a unique set of features. Each module can be used by itself or with other modules, depending on your needs.

ACE has built in support for HomeSeer, ECS, YAC, HomeVision, Omni, Comfort and Napco. ACE also supports a documented API that can be used to send commands to ACE via a serial port, COM, DDE, network or ASCII file. Thus, almost any automation system supporting one of these interfaces can benefit from ACE. If you are a programmer, you can also use the API along with your own software to further enhance your system's capabilities. See the Developer Support page for information on how to create your own program that can communicate with ACE.



  • ACE Server - Runs on your main HA computer. Gives ACE Clients access to your system and gives your system access to all clients. Much more...
  • ACE Client - Monitor and control your HA system from anywhere! Touchscreen support.  Much more...
  • ACE-TTS - Speak any text string (SAPI 4 and SAPI 5.1 versions available)
  • ACE-MS - Establish an Internet connection and/or send an e-mail
  • ACE-32 - Required for Winamp support
  • ACE-CID - Adds caller id capability to any PC on the network
  • ACE-Omni - Control your Omni, Omni Pro, Aegis system from anywhere using a nice graphical interface
  • ACE-Comfort - Control your Comfort system from anywhere!  Adds unlimited responses and unlimited IR codes.  Much more...
  • ACE-Desktop - ACE module that is run with an ACE api command as its command line parameter and then passes the command to ACE Server or ACE Client.  Useful for adding command icons to the desktop or for using with Windows Scheduler to schedule ACE actions.
  • ACE-ePod - ACE Client that runs on an ePod (Windows CE 2.11, MIPS processor).  This module is very limited and was really just created to test the functionality on a Windows CE based webpad.  Available on the download page.
  • ACE-Test - Sample programs showing how to communicate with ACE via DDE and COM

General ACE Features

  • Web interface (screen shots)
  • Script support
  • E-Mail support
    • Send an email to indicate the occurrence of any event.
  • Text-to-Speech
    • Speak any text string.
    • Announce events.
  • Touchscreen support
    • ACE Client buttons are big enough to be easily pressed if you are using a touchscreen.
  • Internet and intranet access (monitor and control)
    • An ACE Client can connect to the ACE Server over any TCP/IP network.  This can be a LAN in your home or the Internet.
    • An ACE Client can send commands to your automation system and it can monitor the state of your system.
  • Caller ID support
    • Play a WAV file or speak a TTS string to announce each caller.
    • Speak the caller's name and/or number if you also have ACE-TTS
    • Log all calls to a file.
    • Display caller's info on the server and/or any/all clients.
    • Display caller's info on HomeVision.
    • Run a HomeVision macro when caller id info is received.
    • Support for 4 phone lines (each with its own caller id device)
    • Assign priorities to each type of call so only those calls you want get announced.
    • Assign 1 or more actions for ACE to perform based on the caller.
  • Forward data from an ACE Server serial port to an ACE Client serial port and vice-versa.
  • Forward any ACE Server serial port's data to HomeVision.  Allow HomeVision to send a string to any ACE Client or ACE Server serial port.
  • Send text to a serial port equipped LCD
  • Support to send numeric and text pages using PageMaster
  • Documented API to allow control of ACE features by other programs using COM, DDE, serial, ASCII file, TCP/IP
  • Sample program, ACE-Test, shows how easy it is to create your own ACE add-on to add any functionality you want.
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