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Version 1.2.0 works over the network!

The ACE-Desktop program provides a way to send commands to ACE Server or ACE Client by running a program.  ACE-Desktop accepts command line parameters.  Each command line parameter is assumed to be an ACE API command.  When started, ACE-Desktop sends each command line parameter to ACE and then exits.  ACE-Desktop is not visible when run with command line parameters. 

ACE-Desktop can be used to create shortcut icons on your desktop that execute ACE commands.  It can also be used in Windows Scheduler to schedule commands to be executed at certain times of day and/or at regular intervals.  Or, use ACE-Desktop to send commands to ACE from any program that can start a program with command line parameters.

ACE-Desktop can send the command(s) to ACE Server or ACE Client running on the same PC, or over the network (network feature requires version 1.2.0 or later).

You can view the readme file for installation, setup and usage instructions.  It requires the VB6 SP5 runtime files, which are NOT included in the download. 


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