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What's new:
  • Can now be used as a shell for creating your own ACE plugin
  • Sample code that shows how to add your own API commands to ACE Server

ACE-Test is a sample program that shows how you can easily write your own program to send commands to ACE (client and/or server) and to receive commands and events from ACE (client and/or server).  The interface method is through DDE or COM.  You can write your own program that runs on the ACE Server PC or any ACE Client PC.  You then have full access to your program from the ACE Server and/or any ACE Client using the network capabilities built into ACE. 

Read the readme.txt file included with the ACE-Test program for a full discussion of what is needed to create a DDE or COM link to ACE.  Then examine the ACE-Test source code to see it in action.  If you have never implemented DDE or COM, you will see that it is not very hard at all. 

Feel free to use any or all of the ACE-Test source code in your own program.

If you create a program that provides functionality you think other ACE users will benefit from, please consider submitting your program for inclusion in the ACE eXchange  page.  This page lists various programs that ACE users have created to enhance the capabilities of ACE.

The file api32.txt that is included with the ACE Client and Server programs details each command that can be sent to ACE. 

ACE-Test DDE and COM examples were written in VB6 SP5 and do not use any special controls.  Thus, they should load fine in any version of VB6, and possibly VB5.

Download ACE-Test DDE example (9k)

Download ACE-Test COM example (5.7k) - version 1.1.2  March 22, 2003 


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