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ACE Server

The ACE Server is designed to run on the same PC that is connected to your automation system.  The ACE Server's main purpose is to act as the interface between your home automation system and each ACE module.  The ACE Server supports several popular systems directly.  However, since ACE can accept commands from a serial port and from an ASCII file, almost any system can utilize ACE's features. 


ACE Server capabilities:

  • Web interface (uses IIS or PWS and ASP).  Completely open so you can modify the web pages however you like.
  • Send an E-Mail using any MAPI compliant mail program (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)
  • Scripting support (vbscript and jscript) - all ACE objects are exposed to the scripting engine
  • Support for 16 serial ports
  • Can forward messages from HomeVision to any serial port(s)
  • Can forward messages from any serial port to HomeVision
  • Allows your system to send an ASCII string out any serial port on the server or any client
  • Allows your system to change the appearance (text, color, border, picture, size, etc.) of any ACE Client button
  • Caller id support (does not require cid version of HomeVision) - Caller ID Configuration screen shots
    • Display caller's name and number on TiVo (requires YAC)
    • Temporarily increase the volume while making the announcement, then restore the volume to its previous setting
    • Run a script before and/or after ACE processes the caller's info so you can manipulate the caller's info however you want
    • categorize callers as friend, local stranger, long distance stranger, unavailable, or blocked
    • play WAV and/or speak TTS depending on type of caller
    • WAV and/or TTS announcements can be played/spoken on the ACE Server PC and/or 1 or more ACE Client PC's
    • speak the caller's name and/or number if you also have ACE-TTS

    • display the caller's name and number on the standard HomeVision caller id screen

    • add the caller's name, time and day to a HomeVision RAM video screen file to create a log of callers that can be displayed on the TV

    • run a HomeVision macro

    • execute any ACE API command(s)

    • supports 4 incoming phone lines

    • log files save caller ID info (1 global log, 1 log for each line)

    • get cid data from serial port device/modem, HV, YAC, CallSoft, or any pc on the network

    • display caller info in popup window on 1 or more ACE Client pc's

    • assign priority to each type of caller and to each friend in database

    • sounds and popup windows can be enabled/disabled based on caller's priority

    • MUTE command allows your system to keep announcements from playing during certain times of day or any other event

  • Monitor windows for viewing and logging all communication to/from serial ports, the network, HomeVision, ECS, Napco, Comfort, and the Web Interface
  • Napco Gemini support (HA Wizard required)
  • Support for Text-to-Speech (ACE-TTS required)
  • Support to control WinAMP
  • Comfort support
  • Open protocol so you can write your own client program and connect using TCP/IP, COM, or DDE
  • Can receive commands from COM, DDE, serial port, ASCII file, or network (TCP and UDP)
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